Friday, February 3, 2012

Jackson Learns to Crawl

After a month of being on the verge, Jackson has finally learned to crawl! Make sure you watch this cute video to the end for a surprise up-close and personal interview with the star. I'm out of school for a Snow Day best guess is about 5 inches on the ground, but the wind is blowing so bad it's hard to tell. In places the ground has been scoured until practically bare and in other places there are foot tall drifts. We've been staying inside. I've been trying to work but with Jack now very mobile I'm spending more time chasing him that working...

We are going to have to create a new cartoon called "Jackson the Menace" to detail all the trouble he can get into. He loves power cords, stairs, the drawer on the stove, the flap on the DVD player...all the things he shouldn't be into.

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