Sunday, June 26, 2011

And the Race is on...

We decided to take some new pictures of Jackson thisweekend and set up the Photography Grand Prix, but our main star needed a pit stop before we got out of the gate...He fell asleep while Daddy was setting up the camera, but it turned out to be a great picture:
After a 25 minute sleep delay, the star woke up and the race was on. Don't you just love his summertime look? We took about 50 pictures but here are some of the favorites. The championship was supposed to go to a photo of Jack actually smiling, but he takes his racing seriously and in a 50 laps, this is as close as we could get. Still a great picture:
He stares and stares at the big camera and its flash but doesn't want to smile. Instead, he practices his thoughtful look for when he gets a television interview:
At one point, a race competitor snuck up behind Jackson, vying for attention herself, but Jackson remained in the 1st place position:
Jackson stayed cool under pressure, lounging casually:
After the race, Jackson posed for a victory shot with his Mommy:
Then, Jackson decided to dress up to celebrate his win. He chose a great summery outfit, full of style:

He even called in the 2nd place racer for some publicity shots:

Jackson Marlow Pierce, our champion:

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Star gazing...

Jackson is starting to focus on things around him and likes to watch moving things now...He especially likes the wild animal mobile in his crib and the teddy bear mobile his great-grandma made him.

Jackson Watching...

Grandma and Grandpa Harper came for a visit last week to meet Jackson. We had lots of fun and went on many outings, but there was lots of time spent Jackson watching too...We all catch ourselves staring these days.

We had a great visit to Boyd Lake, where we saw a snake and crowds of spawning fish near shore (carp, we think). We went up to Estes Park, did some shopping, and had lunch at Mary's Lake Lodge, Mike's favorite restaurant.

Then, we spent lots of time at home too...Again, Jackson watching was the main activity.

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