Monday, May 29, 2017

Fort Flagler Camping for Memorial Weekend

After a crazy couple of weeks at work and in the job hunt (more on that in a day or two), we needed a break. We headed out Friday at about 1:30pm for our camping trip, but the ferry line was really long, so we didn't arrive at Fort Flagler until about 5:30pm.  Hours to travel only about 50 miles, but that's what happens when a ferry is involved!

The location is amazing, and the weather was beautiful. We spent some time right away down on the beach, running around, looking for shells, and enjoying the view. There are some campsites right down at the beach, but we were in the upper campground, up in the trees overlooking the bay. It was pretty amazing.

 Aspen came with us and enjoyed herself. She's still excited to be with us and on the go, but it reminded me that she's getting to be a senior citizen too. She still likes to walk and play, but by the end of the day she was stiff and in pain, and she needs help jumping into the car now.

 The beach was pretty cool, with lots of shells and things to look at. There were also lots of pigeon guillemot nesting in the cliffs along the beach and lots of swallows.

 Then, when we went to check out the fort, this guy was sitting in a tree enjoying the scenery. He stood still for quite a few pictures. The zoom on the little camera was able to pick him up, but barely.

As always, Jack enjoyed looking at the military installations. 

 Since we were near the canal, we had to get fresh oysters. Mike ate his raw, but I don't like them much, so I roasted mine for a bit over the fire.

The next day, the boys enjoyed flying their kites at the beach. The wind was just perfect for kite flying!
 Later in the afternoon, we spent some time playing games and fixing dinner.

 We also took a quick trip to the very picturesque town of Port Gamble, where Jackson was excited to find another playground.

 Then, back to the beach for more fun.
We came home pretty early today so that we had some time to clean out the cars, do laundry, and all the prep for another busy week at work. Jackson's Kindergarten has a music concert this week and we have lots going on, so it's going to be another fun week. 

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