Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cape Disappointment

We had a good vacation at Cape Disappointment, despite 3 very rainy days in the middle of it. The first couple of days were nice, if cool. We had both my folks and Jeff and Fran there with us. Jack enjoyed riding his bike around the loop, playing on the beach, and we all enjoyed small hikes to several lighthouses and the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center. There are two lighthouses within 2 miles of each other here.  The first is North Head lighthouse and the second with the black stripe is Cape Disappointment.
There were some bigger kids who were riding their bikes and playing with Jack. They didn't have training wheels so he wanted to get rid of his, but it didn't work well. So, he settled for doing some tricks. 

We enjoyed meeting up with Jeff and Fran for some grandparent time.

Even thought it was chilly and very often windy or rainy, we snuck in several beach times whenever the sun popped out. Jack likes digging in the sand.  When the cousins arrived, we had a very rainy Saturday, but luckily Sunday morning was bright out.

We spent lots of time at camp as well, playing games inside while it rained and getting outside whenever we could. 

Jack spent the entire week picking up sticks and using them as blaster so and bazookas in his own imaginary world of Star Wars. 

We tried for days to catch crab, but only ever caught "too little to keep" ones. 
We also saw lots of different kinds of birds, snakes, frogs, and a few deer as well. 

We went one day into Astoria to check out the Astoria Column and had a nice Seafood lunch on the pier.

Overall, it was a great old trip. We have the pop up set up in the garage now to dry out before its next run. 

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Fourth of July!

We had a good day yesterday.  We started off with Jack riding and us walking in the neighborhood parade. There was quite a turnout and some very cute kids! 
After the parade, we went to see Finding Dory, which was cute. Jack likes going to the movie theater, although he may like the popcorn as much as the movie. 

Then, we spent some time getting ready to go before driving down to Seattle.  We had dinner at Lesa and Colin's and got some snuggle time in with Alice. 

After dinner, we headed down to Lake Union, where Mikes company had a nice deck to watch fireworks. It was the first time Jack has seen live fireworks and he had a great time! It was a long two hours to wait, but he had fun playing and looking around. It was a great place to watch from (if not the best pictures). We all stayed up way past bedtime though.  Today will be a tired day. We plan to pack up and head out in a couple hours. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Zoo Fun with Cousins

We took a little trip to Woodland Park Zoo with the cousins yesterday. They had a good time. They spent more running and chasing each other than looking at animals, but we still saw a few good ones. Getting all the boys to look at the camera at once was impossible! 

Miss Alice pretty much slept through the day, but I did get some snuggles in for a few minutes.

Today, we got up early, had breakfast, I donated blood, and then we ran a bunch of errands, shopped for our camping trip, met a friend for lunch, wandered around Snohomish a bit, and in general kept very, very busy.  It's been a busy first two days of my summer vacation!

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