Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jackson's new skill

Jackson learned a new skill yesterday--pulling himself to a standing position! The first time he did it, he was in his crib, supposedly taking a nap. I come around the corner and peek in, and he's standing up in his crib grinning at me! All weekend, he's been very resistant to taking a nap because he's so pleased with himself. Every time you lay him down in his crib, he immediately pulls himself up. It's made for a challenge in the nap department!

The second time he did it, it was playing with his train and he immediately tumbled over the back of the train, banging his head on the way down. He gave himself a pretty good goose egg on his forehead in the process. And since then, there has been lots of head bumps and crying related to this new skill.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Birthday weekend!

I've had a good birthday. Jack decided to get up at about 4am this morning, but my lovely husband got up with him so that I could stay in bed...what a great birthday present! He and Jack also got me some lovely paintings for the walls in the basement. Plus, yesterday he took Jack with him on errands so that I could have some time to myself. I got cleaned the whole house (it seemed so easy with no baby in tow!) and then spent some time in my new craft room, which I totally love. Here are some pictures:

Of course, I love the rest of the house too. I'd say we are about 90% unpacked. Mike's still working on the office, and we have a few more odds and ends, plus curtains and things like that to take care of. I will post pictures of the other rooms on here tomorrow or the next day.

One funny story from today. On the way home from grocery shopping, I treated myself to an ice cream cone (Oregon Blackberry, yum!). So we get home, and I am trying to bring Jackson and several bags into the house, plus I still have the ice cream cone. I had Jackson on my hip, the cone in one hand, and three or four bags in the other hand, trying to get all these things into the house. I was struggling to get the door open to go in, when I looked up only to realize Jack had discovered and was helping himself to the ice cream cone. He was leaning over in my arms to get at it and had half the cone shoved into his mouth, with ice cream dripping down his face. I hadn't given it to him at all--he go it all by himself! Daddy just stood there and laughed at us! So, Jack got to eat the rest of the ice cream cone. It might be his new favorite food!

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