Saturday, April 7, 2018

Spring Break Disney Style

We arrived in Orange County CA on Monday, where we had a great lunch with Jeff and Fran at Taco Mesa.  It was so good to see them (I failed to get a single picture!) and Mike also enjoyed visiting a restaurant he used to go to back in his college days.  We checked into the hotel early, let Jack check out the pool and waterslides, and then had dinner at Goofy's kitchen. Jackson got to meet lots of fun Disney characters, and they brought him a special cupcake to celebrate his birthday!

On Tuesday, we headed into Disneyland, just the three of us.  Jackson's favorite ride continues to be the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but he also tried many of the other rides, including Pirates of the Caribbean and Space Mountain...One of the attractions he really enjoyed as well was exploring Tom Sawyer's island. He did not like the Matterhorn or Indiana Jones rides, which he pronounced to be creepy.

That evening, we had dinner in Disneyland, where they brought Jackson another birthday cupcake, as he was still wearing his badge, and then we let Jackson stay up late to see the Fantastic show!

On Wednesday, we headed into California Adventure, for a couple of early rides and then met up with the family. Jackson liked Guardians of the Galaxy, but mom and dad thought it was horrible and wouldn't go on it a second time.  The drops made my stomach churn!
We all liked Cars Land and Radiator Springs Racers a lot!  Even grandma and papa rode this one!

 We met up with the family around 9am and had fun doing the rides together!

We also got some great pictures taken in the park!

Wednesday evening, we had a big family dinner at Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen, and Jackson got a third birthday treat! He took the button off after that because he was tired of all the attention, but it was really nice how everyone noticed his birthday button and wished him happy birthday!

On Thursday, we headed back into Disneyland for one more day of rides and fun!

 We had a really great visit! Everyone's feet were very tired by the end!  Friday, we checked out of the hotel, had lunch with Grandma, and then headed to the airport to go home!

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