Friday, May 31, 2013

Big Boy

       I practically missed May, but I'm determined to squeeze in one blog post down to the wire so that I can say I posted something this month...I'll try to be better next month. 

       Jack has been asserting his independence quite a lot recently. He really has gotten to be a big boy lately...He can now climb up onto chairs and do all sorts of things without help. He also wants to go down the big slides at the park by himself and will no longer let mommy come down with him or help him climb the stairs. And, when we went to Chick-fil-A for dinner yesterday because Mike was working late, he went to the top of the play place by himself too. It's amazing to me how fast he's growing up. 

      While we were there, he suddenly started talking about cows and I couldn't figure out why until I looked behind me. He was very excited to see the cow. I asked him if he wanted to give the cow a hug, and he said yes, so I let him down, but he got about 5 feet away and chickened out. He wouldn't go any closer. Nice to know he's still a little guy in some ways!

      We are still having a little trouble with the toddler bed because he rolls out, but he has had no trouble adjusting to sleeping in it. Potty training has also casually started although we aren't trying very hard and have a long way to go! Several times a day, we hang out in "Mommy's room" on the bed so that he can watch the Mourning Dove nesting outside our bedroom window. This week has been especially exciting because the eggs have hatched. There are at least 2 babies I've seen. The pictures are terrible because they are through the window, but you can see why Jack gets so excited (and me too, really)!

     Aspen just wonders why we are hanging out on the bed so much. But, she's happy to have us home lots more lately.

    So far, my first three days of summer vacation have been very busy. There's been lots of laundry, cleaning, and grocery shopping to catch up, but we've also worked in the garden, went to the library, made 4 visits to the park, and I've started redecorating Jack's bedroom. For his new theme, we are doing cars, trucks, tractors, and planes, so I started off by painting a road around the walls and putting some vinyl vehicles on it. I'll have to post some pictures when I get it finished.

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