Sunday, October 30, 2016

Fall Fun

It's been a challenge this fall to find time to update the blog. So, here's what's been going on since school started...homework and work aside, anyway.

The month of October has been very wet. Yesterday, we broke the all time record for rainfall in October at 9 inches in a month, with several days to go. We've had 24 consecutive days of rainfall so far...the record is 25 days, so we might break that one too. I'm very tired of everything being wet. We've been at lots of soccer games in the mud and rain...Jack comes home covered head to toe.

I'm excited that soccer is just about over for this year.  Jack's class mascot came along for yesterday's game.We have to take pictures of him doing activities with us and put them in the class journal. We send it back and another kid takes it home next weekend. So, Sparky is in several of our pics from this weekend.

Friday night, we went to see a Lego Roadshow that has all the different famous American buildings built out of Legos. It was pretty cool actually. Jackson was very impressed. He kept saying that each building had more Legos than he has...

Last weekend, we went and bought our pumpkins on another muddy, wet day. Jackson had trouble and fell in a puddle, but before that he had a good time with some of the farm activities.

Last night, we carved our pumpkins. Of course, Jackson had to pick a super complicated pattern that he couldn't actually do, so mom and dad had to take over. His is the one with the skeleton skull and flames...sigh. They do look pretty cool. I'm hoping tomorrow will stay dry for trick-or-treating. 

Jackson has been enjoying the weekend at home. He's laying on the floor watching football and playing right now.

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