Thursday, March 17, 2011

Jackson's Room

I've been crafting and made this name art to hang on the wall in the nursery. Once we get this hung up above the crib/rocker, we'll be done with Jack's room and ready for the baby. I have, of course, spent way too much time getting this room all perfect, but I love it. And of course he won't even sleep in there in the beginning, so the bassinet will be moving to our room. I posted a couple pictures of the room too so you can see what it looks like. Then, I think the only other thing we have to do to get ready is install the car seat when it gets closer.

I've also posted a picture to update the belly. At my last doctor's appointment, I'd lost a little weight, even though I feel like I'm getting big and eating a lot! The doctor doesn't seem worried, so I guess I won't be, but my weight gain is definitely all baby. I have another appointment for an ultrasound on March 25. Hopefully, at this appointment we will find out if my Placenta Previa has cleared up or not, so that I know whether I'll be having a C-section or can try natural childbirth. If I do need the C-section, I'll likely have one early, so I'd only have about 4 weeks left. If not, my due date is still 6 weeks away.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Welcome to my new nephew!

Welcome to Samuel Ethan Beck! He finally decided to arrive today, and then he was in a very big hurry and arrived very quickly. He weighed in at 8 lbs, 1.5 oz. Congratulations to Colin, Lesa, and their cute little (big) guy!

I've had a busy day...I've been trying to keep busy to avoid thinking about my little kitty. It was easy to
avoid thinking about it while we were out of town Friday/Saturday, but at home it's harder because she's everywhere. I do miss her. I started the day by making cinnamon rolls and banana bread, went grocery shopping, then worked outside to clean my garden boxes out after the winter, worked on some crafts, and made yummy roast chicken and mashed potatoes for dinner.

In my craft room, I'm busy making some very cute wall art for Jackson's room. I'll have to take pictures when it's finished, but unfortunately I broke the glass on the frame for it, so I have to go shopping and replace that before I can finish. Tomorrow, I'm planning to head back to work and start writing lesson plans for my maternity leave. I'll post more pictures soon! My goal this week, besides working on lesson plans and my classroom, is to finish Jack's room and then I'll get some pictures taken. We are also taking an infant care class this week, and I am taking a breastfeeding class too. It's going to be a busy spring break.

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