Saturday, January 31, 2015

Weekend Fun

We had a fun morning with Sam and Tommy at the park. They were full of energy and had a fantastic time climbing, sliding, and just running around. It was a little chilly outside, and we had to take a towel to dry off all the slides, but the boys had fun!

Even daddy did some playing though he was perturbed that he was caught in the act! Really, he was trying to teach Jack how to climb up.

While Jack had his nap, I had some time to do crafts, and then after Jack woke up, he wanted to do an activity so we made some "melting" snowmen that I'd seen on a preschool blog. I made a dough out of baking soda, salt, soap, and water. We built and decorated the little snowman.

Then, we let Jack "melt" it by squirting it with a bottle of vinegar.

He had to dig through the melted snow to find the snowman's parts. He enjoyed playing for awhile. 

Then, we had to do it one more time. 

It was very fun, especially since Jack has been missing snow this winter. He asks for it all the time, but of course there's none to be found. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

San Diego

We had a great, very quick trip to San Diego last week. I didn't take very many pictures, but here's what I had. Jack really enjoyed some time at the park and at the beach. We all enjoyed beautiful, warm sunny weather while we were there. 

 While I was working, Jack and Mike enjoyed touring the Midway Aircraft carrier (no pics) and visiting the beach.
 This is the view from our hotel room on the 18th floor.
 Jack had fun teaching grandma how to play his iPad racing games.
Jack really enjoyed hanging out with his cousins and seeing his Grandmas and Papas.

We got home at midnight Wednesday and then both had to work the next day, so my birthday was pretty quiet. We'd planned to go out to dinner, but decided we were too tired. However, over the weekend, my husband made it up to me by taking me to a lovely dinner and buying me a birthday "slice" of coconut cream pie. Yum...

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