Monday, December 28, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone

We made it home from Nevada this afternoon after a good Christmas. We've been away for more than a week, but it sure went by fast. We all enjoyed lots of good food, playing the Wii, and everyone spoiled Aspen as well. Right after we arrived, she got hurt. We don't know for sure, but the working hypothesis is that she was kicked by a cow (She had an inordinate interest in the cows and headed toward their pens the minute she was let outside every time!). She limped around for the evening and had a stiff leg the next day, but it could have been much worse and she recovered quickly. In the meantime, she had everyone sneaking her treats and she also chased after the four-wheelers which she loves, and she had her own Christmas stocking to open, so she made out pretty good in the end. She enjoyed the bone her Grandma Harper gave her. I didn't let her keep it on Christmas because their were other dogs around, but I gave it back to her when we got home and she promptly "buried" it in the sofa and put a pillow on top of it. We won't find it there! She also liked the ball her Grandma Anderson gave her, though she's already got the stuffing coming out of it.

We all had a good Christmas and ate way too many treats, so Mike and I will have to make a resolution to eat better (more vegetables and less desserts) now that we are home again. It was great watching everyone play "Active Life" games on the Wii, jumping around and stomping. We even got Grandma to play once. Lesa took the pictures of that, so I will have to have her email me some to post. Now, it's back to work and cleaning up the house.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Chocolate overload!

I've been busy making cookies all morning and freezing them to take with me (to give the family a stomache ache from too many sweets judging from the richness of these cookies). Now, I have to figure out how I am going to fit two carloads of clothes, presents, and dog into one car. And, we are also nervously watching the weather. It's supposed to snow in Wyoming on Tuesday! But, we will work it out.

There's always so much to do to get ready for a trip, especially a car trip. Laundry, packing, repacking, getting frustrated and trying again, and you need coolers for food and snacks, hotel rooms that accept dogs, and of course we can't leave home without an entourage of dog toys, snacks, and portable crates. Plus, we have to check in the with the neighbors about feeding the cat and watching the house, bringing in mail, cancelling newspaper subscriptions, etc...

Lots to do before Tuesday! But, I'm looking forward to seeing my friend Megan and her husband and two adorable children on Tuesday night in Salt Lake as we pass through. And, then of course arriving at my family's house for Christmas.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Busiest Time of the Year

I've been busy creating all sorts of crafty projects lately, but I can't post pictures of them because they are all gifts for people who read my blog. Maybe after Christmas. My craft room is looking like a cyclone hit, so come January I'm going to have to go into clean up mode too.

I am excited that we only have 4 more days of school before break begins, and then two whole weeks off! I'm really ready for a break. This time of year is so busy with all the extra activities and events at school. I spent all day at school on Saturday helping to host a breakfast with Santa for 200 elementary students. I was the official Santa photographer so I saw lots of happy, cute kids and quite a few crying babies too. It's so funny to me how they can be so scared of santa one year, and so enthralled the next! Then, I graded papers yesterday, so it really doesn't feel like I had a weekend at all. But, the end is in sight...

We are looking forward to seeing my family next week. We wish we could see Mike's family too, but we will see them soon. Packages have been sent!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009's cold outside!

It's been so cold here that I'm really excited by tomorrow's forecast. I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I'm celebrating because it's going to warm up tomorrow to 25F for a high! Given we haven't been out of the single digits and have spent most of our time lately below zero, that seems much better. It's currently -8F. I'm sitting in front of a space heater because it's cold inside even. You can't go outside without feeling like your insides are being seared and your nose frozen with every breath.

It's a great day to stay inside. Even Aspen doesn't want to go outside because all the snow on the ground has become icy and gets stuck in her paws. She starts limping after a few feet and whines, holding her paw up for you to clean out.

So, we will hope for better weather tomorrow!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Snow Day!

We woke up to about 5-6 inches of snow this morning (and it's still snowing), so Aspen was very excited. She guilt tripped me into taking her out by following me around staring with those sad, sad eyes, so I pull on the snow pants, snow boots, hats, scarves, ear muffs, coats, gloves, and extra socks and we headed out. She gets so excited by the snow that she wants to run, not walk, so here I am jogging through 6 inches of powder with my dog pulling me along like I'm a sled. I'm sure you can already picture the comic value in this, knowing me, but it gets better. The trouble is, with all the snow, it is hard to tell where the sidewalk ends and the curb begins so we are jogging along and I miss the edge of the sidewalk and my feet find nothing and I go down. So, I'm laying flat out on the sidewalk, and Aspen decides to come back to me and lick my face. Of course, this couldn't be private. Just as it happens there's a car going down the street, so he stops and rolls down the window to see if I'm okay, and he's laughing hysterically at me the whole time!

We get up and jog on and run through the park and all its pristine snow, come home, go around the block and she still has energy so we head into the backyard to play. Then, I'm trying to get down the steps off the deck in my snow boots, big pants, and all the stairs covered in snow and I slip and go down again. What does Aspen do? She runs back to me while I'm lying on the ground, grabs ahold of the end of my scarf, and runs off with it to start a game of keep away. Too bad I didn't have the camera with me!

We played in the backyard for nearly an hour. She still wants to go out and play more, but I'm exhausted already! It's a good day to stay in the house, bake cookies, work on my Christmas cards and gift wrapping, and of course, somewhere in there, I will have to do some school work! Happy December!

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