Friday, May 23, 2014


It's been a little while since I posted because I haven't had much of anything exciting to report. I spend an hour or two each day working on applying for jobs, and I've been to a bevy of doctor and dentist appointments lately. Other than that, Jack and I hang out around the house a lot. I'm still slowly painting each of the rooms in the house, and I've finally gotten my craft room in functional order again. Plus, potty training takes up some of our time, but Jack's getting better all the time.

Today, we spent more than an hour mixing up muffins. It doesn't usually take that long, of course, but Jack had to help with all the measuring and pouring, so it was an extra lengthy, extra messy job. He put the ingredients in on spoonful at a time.

Jack and Daddy have had a good time jamming lately. Jack loves his new guitar that Kami and Jason sent for his birthday. He demands that daddy play along on the piano with him and mommy is supposed to sing. 

 Not sure what we are going to do for the Memorial weekend. We'll have to try and get out a bit, and I'm sure we'll keep working on our various house projects. And, of course, it's raining again for the weekend too.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Farm Fun

This was from last weekend, but I didn't get around to posting it, so I'll do it now. We went to this place called Flower World, which is a plant nursery, and the Maltby Produce Market, which is part of the same company and located right there too. It's way more than plants, though I did buy a few of those too, because they have like 50 acres with all kinds of water features, ponds, water wheels, and check out in addition to the greenhouses.

There were also free roaming chickens, geese, and ducks near the water. Jack got very freaked out by this little white chicken, which followed us down the path. Jack didn't like being chased, so I ended up carrying him. As he says, "I no like chicken animal" (as opposed to chicken the food, which he likes quite well). 

They also have all their animals, which they do raise for food and eggs for the market, available for the kids to see and pet too. Jack liked the sheep and lambs the best, oh and the peacock too. 

 And, he liked the turtles in one of the greenhouses.
 He also liked the chickens okay when they were in cages :)

We've been there twice already because besides buying plants, its a great (and free!) place for Jack to walk around and see things. It's a very cool business. 

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