Sunday, October 26, 2014

Fall Festivities

We took Jack to the Fall Harvest party at the YMCA Friday night. It gave him a chance to practice wearing his costume before the big event Friday. He's getting more into Halloween this year and is very excited about Trick-or-treating on Halloween. He was not sure if he should wear his costume tonight because, as he informed us, it isn't Halloween yet. However, mommy convinced him that it would be okay to wear it twice!

 Of course, we had to take his mask off for cookie eating, face painting, and jumping in the bounce house. He did sit still to have his face painted, and he was very excited about it, but the young girl doing it was truly the worst face painter I've ever seen. Oh well...he didn't mind.

Then, on Saturday, we met up with the cousins for lunch and playtime. We drove into Seattle today and did some shopping in the morning. This afternoon, we had to rake some leaves, which is not nearly as enjoyable here as it was in Colorado. In CO, the leaves were dry and crackly and Jack could jump in the piles. Here, the leaves are soggy wet and beginning to mold, yuck! It has been raining all week and you can tell. There was no jumping in these leaves...

Sunday, October 12, 2014

October weekend

Mike's new facility in Bothell opens on Monday, so he's been very, very busy. They installed the sign on Friday.
We spent some time this weekend cooking and cleaning and the usual. Then, Saturday night, we went out to a really fabulous dinner at a restaurant called Seastar for our anniversary. It was super yummy! We've been married 7 years tomorrow, and together for 10 years. It doesn't feel like that long!  

We have also joined the YMCA as of this weekend, and we are trying to make some changes and loose a few pounds. We all went to the Y yesterday, and Mike and I worked out while Jack played in the Adventure Zone, and then we all went for a quick swim. Today, I went back for a Zumba class, which was quite a challenge for me!  I also finished Jack's halloween costume today. This pretty much counts as my first homemade costume...I'll make you wait until Halloween to see it on, but here it is laid out on my craft table.
 I cut the sides of the shirt and tied them, adding strips of felt to simulate fur, and used felt to make a tail and the mask as well. And, I had to hand sew the whole thing because my sewing machine is broken.

Jackson has suddenly become quite the comedian. He has one joke that goes like this:

Jack: Do you remember what I had for lunch?
Me: No, what?
Jack: A shoe (laughs hilariously). That's such a funny joke! 
(The punch line changes...sometimes he eats a tree, a block, mommy, but the joke never changes and he always comments on the funny-ness of his own joke)...

The joke isn't funny, but he's hilarious nevertheless! 

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Pumpkin Time

We visited the pumpkin patch this morning. Jack was very excited. He had to bring his pumpkin bucket with him, even though we tried to tell him it wasn't Halloween yet and that there wouldn't be any candy.
Jack's favorite parts of the morning turned out to have nothing to do with pumpkins. He really liked the cow train...

 and the old tire swing...

 Other than that, we spent the day grocery shopping, working on laundry, cleaning house, doing yard work, and doing some errands.

In other news, Jack has decided that he wants to be a kitty for Halloween, so I need to create a grey cat costume soon that isn't girly. I've decided to attempt a DIY costume...we'll see how it goes.

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