Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Weekend with Fam!

I've been a bit absent on the blog with the end of school (both job and student), but now that school's out I'm finding a bit more time. This weekend, we went camping at the Lodgepole Campground NE of Mt. Ranier National Park. We met Jeff and Fran and Marty there. We enjoyed catching up with them and hanging out. Friday was misty and very cold over night, but Saturday was lovely. 

Saturday, we went on a couple of walks. We attempted a hike, but about 1/4 mile in, we reached a spot on the trail where you had to cross a creek on a log.

Jack was brave enough to cross over, but we couldn't get Aspen to the other side, so we turned back, and then did a separate walk. We saw a whole bunch of very large ant hills. I've never seen ant hills this large or so many ants in one place ever before. You can't see in the picture, but each of these big hills was crawling with ants.

We had a good little walk anyway. It was sunny, a pleasant temp, and the scenery was beautiful.

Sunday on the way home was just beautiful too. We had to stop so Jack could check out the snow, and we could check out the scenery. It's a beautiful park. On Friday when we came up, it was so cold and foggy that we couldn't see anything, including the mountain. It was also only 39 degrees at the pass, which was only 7 miles away from our camp, so we were getting nervous. We hadn't packed for temps that cold. However, during the 7 mile drop, the temperature increased by 11 degrees. It still wasn't really warm, and it got downright cold overnight, but it was fun nevertheless. Today, when we came back through the skies were clear and you could see for miles, unless behind the 10 ft tall snowdrifts still there in some places at the summit.

Here are a few more fun pictures...

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