Friday, October 16, 2015

Fall Fun

Well, the costume is ready to go. I think it turned out pretty well...I'll make you wait until Halloween to actually see him in it :)

 On Saturday, it rained all day. We tried to go and do a little shopping but had to have our umbrellas and coats ready to go from store to store. Sunday, on the other hand, was just beautiful so we went to the Farm at Swan's Trail, which has a pumpkin patch, slides and bouncy things, hay mazes, slides, a petting zoo, food, and all sorts of fun. We liked the hay slides sitting on the burlap bags.
 Jack really liked jumping into the hay pits. My knees didn't appreciate it nearly as well.
 There was another fun slide in the hay maze barn.
 They also had a big corn bin the kids could jump around in. We were picking corn out of his clothes... and ears...and pockets...and hood all day long.

 He had to do the slide a few times...

 The cow swings were fun too...

 But his favorite was the giant bouncy "pillow."
 They also had a fun cow train.
 And, we had to buy another pumpkin even though we already bought 4 of 5 of them.  Jack took forever to pick out the perfect one. He wanted a small one he could carry.

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