Monday, March 19, 2012

Teasing Aspen

I caught this video during playtime this morning. Jack picked Aspen's bone up off the floor and brought it over to where Aspen was sleeping on the couch. I was a little apprehensive at first, afraid that Aspen would get possessive over her bone, but she was very patient with him. Jack plays a variation of this game often. He thinks it's funny to shove things into Aspen's face to see if she'll take them from him...a couple nights ago it was one of his socks :). Usually, it's not her own things that she gets teased with, but she took it well. This lasted for probably five minutes or so, but here's just a small bit of it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jack's first trip to the zoo

Since I'm on spring break this week, Mike took the day off yesterday and we took Jack to the zoo. He's now a member of the Denver Zoo and very proud of the button they gave him!He didn't really care all that much about the animals yet, but he enjoyed spending the day outdoors, riding around in his stroller and with mom and dad. He liked watching all the kids and other people too. He didn't like his blue hat and spent much of the day trying to get it off!

He did like watching the tiger because it was pacing right in front of the glass.

He liked getting out of his stroller to be with daddy.

We spent a few minutes watching the brown bears, who were being very photogenic. While we were seeing this....

Jack was intent on the fence! He didn't care much about the bears at all, but he was fascinated by the fence and just wanted to touch it.

He had a long day, and by the end of our visit, he was out!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Family Updates

Doesn't he look so big! As Mike reminded me this morning, he's now 4 times the size he was at birth. I can't believe he's almost 11 months old! He's getting really good at pulling up on the furniture to stand too. We've all been sick over here, but hopefully the germs have moved on to some other family and we can all get better. This and keeping up with Jack have really made it hard to keep up with my blogging.
Jack's learning how to feed himself right now, which is a messy endeavor, but notice Aspen's appreciation for this new development. Yummy! When Jack's eating, she's never far away. He's learned to throw things on the floor and she's learned to take advantage of this~I love her licking her chops just as the camera clicked.

A couple weeks ago, I gave Jackson his first haircut. These pictures are deceptively calm...right after Mike put the camera down he started screaming and fighting me in earnest. It took half an hour to cut just a 1/4 inch of hair off his neck and above his ears because I was so afraid of cutting him as he wiggled and screamed!

Other than that, we are all doing well here, but nothing exciting to report. I can't believe it's March already. We need to get started planning my garden and working on some house projects.

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