Saturday, June 23, 2012

Vacation #1

The Top 5 Coolest Things on Vacation According to Jackson: 
2. Looking out the screen windows on the camper (just at his height!)
3. Camper Stairs, Fences, and Railings to Climb.
4. Ice cream! 
5. The Play-Place at McDonalds.
Wearing half the dirt and putting the other half on his fire engine.

Hi everybody! I can see you!
He must have climbed up and down these three stairs a hundred times!

Yum! Chocolate!

He was quite brave crawling in the tunnels and up and down at McDonalds.
There's my daddy!

The Top 5 Coolest Things about Vacation According to Sam:
2. Taking walks. 
3. Filling his bucket with rocks (and then dumping the bucket in his mommy's lap)
4. Throwing the Ball.
5. The Play-place at McDonalds.

Yes, that is a handful of sand thrown into his mom's face

Look at that dirty mug!
He loves the sand.
Catch me as I jump!
Cold, but good!

The Top 5 Coolest Things about Vacation According to the Adults:
1. Watching the Boys Play
2. The Dinosaur Quarry
3. Fishing and Boating on Flaming Gorge Reservoir
4. Taking a Raft Down the Green River
5. The Dam Tour

At the Overlook at Red Canyon

The View from Red Canyon
Riding the Shuttle to the Dinosaur Quarry.

The Dinosaur Museum

He hated the lifejacket, but liked the crackers.
Bridge at Flaming Gorge Dam.

Rafting on the Green River
Side by Side in the Car!
I can steer! (with my toes, just let me climb up!)
Rest stop at McDonalds.
I'm tired daddy!
He needed an impromptu nap right on the shore.

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