Sunday, April 28, 2013

Horsin' Around

We were sitting on the deck last night after dinner, and our very kind neighbor, Edna, offered to give Jack a ride on her horse. Jack got very excited and loved the idea. He kept saying "ride Indie" over and over (The horse is named Indiana Jones). I really thought once it came down to it, he'd be scared and would refuse to get on, but he went right up calmly and enjoyed himself.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jack Turns 2!

Jack had a great birthday, full of tractors, trains, and Elmo. All his favorite things! We took him to Red Lobster for dinner because he loves clam chowder too. We got him a battery powered tractor, which he's really excited about. He's still figuring out the gas pedal, but after showing him a couple of times, he's got the basic idea down. He hasn't quite mastered pushing the pedal and steering at the same time. 

I made him a cake during my extra day home because of the snow storm. Unfortunately, it looked better than it tasted, but not bad for a first try.  Jack really liked the tractor on the top and spent
 more time driving the tractor around on his cake than he did eating it. 

 Jack enjoyed all his presents. He got a piggy bank. He knows it's a pig, but he kept saying pig, "moo"! If you ask, he can also tell you that pig says "la, la, la," which is a line from one of his books where 3 singing pigs say, "la, la, la." If you say it first, he can repeat "oink," but we can't get him to switch from "moo"! He got several Elmo books and coloring books and a cute Elmo doll. His grandma Harper made him an awesome super hero outfit, complete with cape and mask to go with his Super Hero potty training book. He won't wear it yet, but I imagine in time we'll be complaining that he won't take it off!

 He also decided to say his own name for the first time on his birthday. He saw himself in the computer video and said "Jack."

Overall, it was a very fun time. I can't believe I have a 2 year old though! Time sure has speeded up something terrible.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

Jack had a really fun time at the egg hunt on Saturday. He was really cute this year because he liked running down the hill, and he got the concept of the hunt, but he wanted to hang onto the eggs he picked up, so once his hands were full the hunt was pretty much over. Convincing him to put the first 3 eggs into the basket so that he could pick up some new ones didn't work so well. He wasn't about to let go of them! 

 Sunday morning, Jack checked out his Easter basket in his PJs! He was very excited about his new cars. I'm not sure why because Jack couldn't have cared less, but we dyed a few Easter eggs...only used one of the colors and saved the rest for next year.

 And now, a little reverie...With the oddities of the calendar, even though Jack isn't quite two years old yet, he just celebrated his 3rd Easter, so here's a look back. Easter #3, the bunny is small and dragged along on a little boy's adventures.

 Easter #2, the boy and the bunny are nearly the same size, but look at that grin!
 Easter #1, giant bunny! The new little man is so tiny.

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