Sunday, May 8, 2016

The MAP Debut Camping Trip

 Well, the MAP is finally (almost) done! We discovered a few things on our first run that we need to adjust, so there are a few small projects, but overall, it's ready to go.  The tension rods aren't going to work on the bunk end curtains, so I'm going to have to come up with a new plan there. Other than that, most of the weekend notes were about things we need to stock in the camper (a sponge, trash bags) and some organization plans! It sure looks different!

We had a great little weekend trip to Rasar State Park! We headed out Friday afternoon and came home on Sunday morning. I could have stayed a couple more days, but it was a great first run. Jack enjoyed camping too and wants to go out again!

After spending Saturday morning checking out a swap meet, bakery, and the sights in the small town of Concrete WA, we returned to camp. We spent most of Saturday afternoon at "the beach." Jack kept confusing it and calling it the ocean and we'd have to tell him yet again that it was a river! The Skagit River to be exact. The water was icy cold, but that didn't stop either Jack or Aspen from enjoying themselves.

The weather was perfect, and the sunshine felt great! The scenery was just great with amazing tall trees everywhere! 

Jack and Aspen both got very dirty and had a great time doing it!
 There was even a park in the campground for Jack to play at, and Aspen to nap at!

We cooked dinner over the campfire, and we used the pie irons we got for Christmas too. We made raspberry and cream cheese stuffed french toast for breakfast and Chicken Pot Pies for dinner!

We are looking forward to our next camping trips already. We'll have to get the MAP ready for her next trip soon!

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