Sunday, August 31, 2014

Camping and the State Fair

Last weekend, we took off Friday afternoon for a weekend of camping. Here's what it looked like when we arrived at camp.
We braved it and got out of the car anyway. We set up the tent in the rain (not so fun), cooked dinner in the rain (no so fun), had a picnic dinner sitting in the tent (a little fun), and went to bed early to the sound of rain tap-tap-tapping overhead. Sigh....Jack was so excited about camping, but he wasn't too sure about it after this first evening.  

Luckily, Saturday turned beautiful.  We camped at the spot where Troublesome creek comes into the Skykomish River. The water was very shallow, so not a great place for fishing, but lots of rocks to splash, and Aspen enjoyed running around. The water was icy, so we didn't go in much! The area is completely beautiful and scenic.

 Here's our very shady and green campsite. It was at least 10 degrees cooler at camp than it was out by the river bank because not much sun was penetrating.
 Oh, there's the sun peeking through...look at all that moss. It was a very green, very damp camp, but gorgeous.

 We cooked tin foil dinners in our fire and then sat around the fire for a little bit, Jack in his Jammies.

Now to this weekend. We started Friday evening with a quick trip to the park. Jack has been getting much braver climbing lately.
Then, Saturday we met up with Colin and Lesa and the boys for a trip to the Evergreen State Fair. We enjoyed fried food, farm animals, exhibits, and various shows.  Jack and Sam as cows:

 Jack and Sam as farmers, collecting eggs:
 We watched some chain saw wood carving demonstrations. It was amazing what these guys were making right there at the fair. If I'd had a much bigger budget, I could have finished Christmas shopping for my parents in a couple minutes. They would have loved to have any of these in their front yard:

One of the highlights of the fair was the petting zoo, which had not only the usual pigs, goats, and sheep, but also wallabies, deer, llamas, ducks, and cows.

 Of course, we had to walk through the quilting and sewing exhibits. They were amazingly talented as usual.

 Mike wasn't too excited about this picture, but isn't it cute...
 The best part of the lumberjack show was watching them spin on the logs in the water. They are very fast on their feet.
 They can climb quickly too.
We  had a fun time, and it only rained on us a little bit. Unfortunately, Mike started coming down with a cold and had a fever by the time we got home. However, today he seems to be mostly recovered.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Grandma's visit and New Things

We had a great time last week visiting with Mike's mom, Marie. Jack was spoiled by his attentive Grandma!  She was able to see his swim lesson and hang out with him on Thursday. Friday, we drove part of the Cascade Loop and stopped at several places to look around and play. We found a great sandbar along the Skagit River where Jack could did in the mud to his heart's content. We built sand castles and threw rocks in the water. 

 On Saturday, we took a great cruise through the locks from the Puget Sound to Lake Union. I forgot my phone and Mike didn't take many pictures, so I don't have many of this excursion, but it was really fun. Then after, we walked around Pike's Place and downtown and then had a yummy seafood dinner at Elliot's Oyster house.
 On Sunday, we did some shopping and poking around in Snohomish and then Mike made us a good Korean BBQ for dinner. It was nice to spend time together as a family. On Monday, Grandma spent the day with her friend, and I had my first day of work while Jack went off to his first day of preschool.

He really wasn't sure he wanted to go. We had some pouting, but he was very brave and there were no tears. He's done a great job with this transitions and has jumped right in with learning the songs and routines of school. He likes his new friends and preschool is something he looks forward to now.

 My new job is going well so far. I enjoy the people I work with and there are some good challenges. I'm working with lots of teachers, but I miss the excitement of the first day of school and setting up a classroom. I didn't even have to buy any school supplies this year! Still, it's a good schedule for the family, and it's a new experience to be in control of my own schedule. I can even eat lunch out occasionally if I want to :).

This weekend, we've been busy! Mike taught Jackson how to do a summersault, so there's been lots of tumbling. We did some errands and shopping, and then cleaned out all our camping gear since we're going to go camping next weekend. We mowed lawns and did some yard work. Then today, Jackson made me a necklace, so I've been wearing this around today.

 He enjoys "building" with the beads more than making things. He pours all the beads on the floor and scoops them up with his tractors. But, he likes to string the beads too, and I think it's great for his hand eye coordinator development too. Besides, this is building that I can help him with much easier than the wood and hammer variety.   Today, we also went to the zoo. Jack had to bring his Zebra along. He's gotten very attached to his zebra, whose name is Zebra.

He rode the carousel, watched some bears and animals, and showed Mike around the zoo, since it was daddy's first time. Now, it's time to prepare for work tomorrow. 

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