Tuesday, July 24, 2012

San Diego

We had a great time in San Diego! Jack entertained everyone by calling all the animals he encountered "puppies" and by his walking. We were able to celebrate Katelyn's birthday with her and join the family in a trip to the beach and Sea World. Jack liked the sand, but not the waves. Katelyn and Alyssa were very thoughtful, spending their beach time building a sand wall to block the water for Jack. His favorite parts of Seaworld were the animals and meeting Elmo (who he also called "puppy").We were also able to see Rolayne and Steve, with their two gorgeous kids Austin and McKenzie, for a pool party Sunday afternoon. Saturday we also went to see my Great Aunt Shirlee in the hospital, and then we had lunch with Papa Jefe. She seems to be recovering nicely from her surgery. We came home yesterday and Jack slept the entire way on the plane, which was a great improvement over the meltdown on the plane on the way there. Here are some scenes from our trip:

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