Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Our New Little One

We are definitely enjoying our new baby boy! Here are a few pictures of our adorable Jackson. We are all adjusting well. We are a tired family around here, but we are enjoying every moment. We are starting to get a system down. I go to bed early and Mike takes the first shift watching the baby. Then, around 1 am I take over. After 5 am, we both try to work with the baby. We definitely take longer getting going in the mornings these days. I'm not looking forward to next week when Mike has to go back to work.

Jack is growing already! He's up to 5lbs, 7 ozs. Some day soon, he might even fit into his newborn clothes, which are all too big at the moment. Right now, he and his daddy are cuddling on the couch and daddy is clapping his hands for him and singing songs to him. I wish I had the video camera!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Tea Bag Folding Card Class

I went to a fun craft class today to learn some intricate folding techniques for "tea bag" flowers. The first one was really easy, but then they started getting complicated very quickly.

This was the second one I learned to do. Sorry the pictures aren't great! It was such a dark card that the details are a little lost.

Then, this is the third pattern I learned, which was the hard one! I had a lot of trouble until the teacher finally noticed I was left-handed and said, "Oh, then try it this way" and had me start folding it the opposite of everyone else, and that solved the problem. The red one is the first one I made, and it's a little uneven, but by time I made the pink one I had the method down. The pictures are a little dark and blurry--they didn't come out great--but these flowers are really neat and elegant.

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