Friday, September 11, 2015

Fun at the Evergreen State Fair

Last weekend, we visited the fair. Jack had a great time. They were choosing kids from the audience to wave the flags at the animal races, and Jack really wanted to be picked. He was getting really upset that he wasn't picked the first 8 times, and I was afraid we were heading for a meltdown, but lucky for mom and dad, he was chosen in the last round. He did a great job!

 We wandered around looking at all the fun things and wandering through the hay maze. Jack liked the carnival games (mom and dad didn't like the prices!), and he and mommy also went on the Tilt-a-whirl, the only ride he was tall enough for. Mom does not like rides at all. Jack liked it at first, but he was ready to get off long before it finished.

 Jack's two highlights of the day were the petting zoo and the car races. It's a fun petting zoo, with not only the usual goats, pigs, and sheep, but also alpacas, deer, wallaby, and cows too.

 This guy was fun, and they were all hungry!

 We didn't really go to any races. We just went to the track while the cars were doing some practice laps, but Jack didn't recognize this. He thought it was the most exciting thing all day. There were race cars and they were going fast! That's all he cared about. Mom and dad wished we had earplugs because they were sooo loud!

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