Saturday, April 16, 2016

Almost there!

We had a busy, busy camper day. I spent the morning scrubbing the canvas and after it dried, I covered it all with water repellent. I also washed all the vinyl and Windows inside. I also covered the fridge and the top of the stove with chalkboard vinyl. I'll have to draw something fun on there!

While I was working on this, Mike reinstalled the cabinets and countertops. They look great! 

Mike also put some new outdoor carpet on the step in the front.

Aspen approves of the new cushions. 

It's really coming together. All we have left is a little paint touch up, we need to fix a switch, I have to make curtains and valance, and the beds need to be put together.  Oh, and we have to put our camping stuff in it of course!  Mike is leaving for New Jersey tomorrow for a week, so it will be at least next weekend before we do any more. 

Monday, April 11, 2016

Jackson turns 5!

Here are some pictures from Jack's birthday party. I can't believe my boy is 5 years old! We had a very fun, very lego-centric birthday. It was nice that it lined up with Spring break so I had a little more time to get the party all ready!

 We had about 10 kids and as many parents at the party. The kids enjoyed playing with legos, building and racing lego cars, and a piñata as well as the usual cake and presents.

 It's so funny with little kids opening presents. They get so excited, they can't stay sitting down, so it became a mob scene. You could barely see Jack in the center at times, but the kids were so excited about seeing what was in those packages too!

 We did the piñata last so we could hand out their good bags, they could add their treats from the piñata, and then they were all done.
 Jack and his friend Tanner had to stay later to put together at least one of the Star Wars legos right away :).

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Break 2016!

We started our visit to the Hood Canal with family pictures.  I've been wanting to get some new ones taken, so Mike brought his camera along. First, we had to get the yearly pictures with the bunny!

 Then, some new pictures of Jackson. He looks so grown up in his jeans and button down.

 We took several family photos too. I need a new one for the walls that shows Jack a little closer to his current age.
 Oops...the bunny snuck back in!

 The scenery was just amazing and overall the weather was really nice. There was some rain and it was cold on Monday, but Saturday and Sunday were both beautiful.
 There were oysters growing right on the beach.
 They were offering free fresh oysters on the dock each afternoon. Opened right there and ready to eat. Mike loved it. I liked it okay. Even Jack tried one, although he did not like it.

 We had some of our meals in the restaurant, some in our room, and one at the little town nearby.

 More oysters for dinner!

 Of course, we had to go find the playground.

 We hiked up the nature trail and took this picture looking back down at the resort:

 Yes, that's a frisbee on is head. Otherwise, he's sitting very neat and proper :).

 Jack had to collect sea shells one morning.

 Jack took this picture:
And of course, we spent several afternoons at the pool. 

The pool was a glass enclosed building, so it had quite a view too.

This was actually in Poulsbo on the way out. 

 After we got home, we took a little morning trip to check out the tulip festival. A weekday morning is definitely the way to go; we were in and out just as the crowds were beginning to form. As always, the tulips were beautiful!

 Jack liked the mud, the running around, and pretending to be a bird more than the flowers perhaps...

 We had to spend the afternoon moving back into our upstairs, but the new carpet is in. It looks pretty good--some paint colors and curtains will eventually need to be updated to match, but this carpet should hide dirt much, much better than the old carpet. This is in my craft room:

Then, I've been getting ready for Jack's birthday party this weekend. I have class on Saturday, so we are doing his party on Sunday afternoon. We're going with a Lego themed party--Jack is very excited!  Tomorrow I have to work on the treats, but today I got most of the decorating done.

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